Meet our Ambassadors

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Ambassadors learning film-making skills in London. Credit: Kirsty Young (

Next year the UK government will decide whether to renew Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

Our team of young Ambassadors have been travelling across the UK – from Edinburgh Festival to Warwick Uni – to raise awareness of nukes. They’ve used skills they’ve learnt in film-making, social media, events and blogging to reach other young people, politicians, celebrities, experts and campaigners. Here a few of our Ambassadors explain why they’re passionate about this issue.

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Opportunities coming up:

– Be part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

– We’ve joined up with CrowdShed to fundraise for the UK’s first ever Nuke Film Festival!

Meet the team…

Carine Bambara: “I’m a WMD Ambassador who would like to see policy changes in the area of disarmament. I’m a graduate of International Peace and Security”. Check out Carine’s blogs Young people want to talk about Trident and Don’t let young people down: listen to our views on nukes. Both blogs were also published by The Huffington Post

Claudia Hyde: “LSE Law student and campaigner from London. Likes blogging, dislikes nuclear hegemony.” Claudia is interested in writing about politics and has her own blogCheck out Claudia’s blogs for us including Why isn’t the UK talking about nuclear weapons? and Politics, Trident and meaningful choice: what’s wrong with this election?

Andrew Gibson: Nottingham-based Andrew has been obsessing about nuclear weapons for years. As a Masters student, he wrote a dissertation on public attitudes towards Trident. Andrew organised a series of events at universities across the UK to talk to Labour students about their views on nukes.



Cristina Varriale: Cristina, 21, is a recent gradaute of Politcs and International Relations and is now studying for an MA in Non-Proliferation and International Security at Kings College London. Cristina has also worked to build experience with peace-building charities, completing two internships with leading NGO’s“I’m extremely interested in non-proliferation, peace and disarmament, and will continue to pursue a career within this field,” she saysCristina has also been published on Huffington Post with her fantastic blog Trident: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Zak Gacal: Zak is an aspiring film-maker from London. He helped shoot our first #TalkingTrident films in Stratford in the run up to the Labour Party Conference in March 2014 and shared his own views on nuclear weapons on film.

Jean Davis: Jean has experience of living and working in Nagasaki, Japan, one of two cities in the world to have ever been hit by an atomic bomb in 1945. Jean says this experience has inspired her to get involved with WMD Awareness and the Talking Trident campaign.

Charlie Sendall-King: “I’m a postgraduate of Politics and International Relations, intrigued by inter-State conflicts and the ethics of war, particularly within East Asia. I desire to see greater progression towards nuclear disarmament worldwide.” Read Charlie’s blog Young people are the future: now let us have a say in ours.

Find out how you can join our growing network of young Ambassadors.

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