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McNeilly report: does Trident defend us or put us at more risk?

By now you should have read about whistleblower William McNeilly who has revealed extensive security concerns on the Trident nuclear submarines where he worked, ranging from “food hygiene and a flooded toilet” to describing the “complete lack of security, floods, and a blazing inferno in the Missile Compartment” in a damning report titled The Nuclear […]

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Renewing Trident doesn’t have to mean business as usual for Britain’s nuclear strategy

The question of whether or not the UK should replace its four nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines is an important one. With these submarines, each armed with 40 thermonuclear warheads, Britain practices constant at-sea deterrence (CASD). At any given moment a British submarine is on patrol, poised to respond to a potential nuclear attack. The main […]

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Can we create a world free from nuclear weapons?

The second in our ‘We need to talk about nukes’ events with BASIC came at an interesting time for British politics: despite the Scottish Nationalist Party’s (SNP) promise to remove Britain’s nuclear weapons from Faslane in Scotland in the event of a yes vote for Independence, Scotland had indeed just voted no. So we were […]

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What can Britain learn about nuclear disarmament from South Africa?

Britain claims Trident, its nuclear weapons system, gives it greater leverage in international affairs and is a required deterrent. In 1994 – 20 years ago – South Africa became the only State ever to have built nuclear weapons and voluntarily dismantled them all. If, as Britain says, nuclear weapons are so helpful in maintaining political […]

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+1 big red button. -1 million lives.

The value of a single human life, the right to a certain standard of life and a respect for others are issues that are of increasing prominence in political spheres. As Britain and the world become more socially and culturally interrelated, peace and conflict resolution processes need great consideration and recognition of the innocent individuals […]

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What young people don’t, but should, know about Britain’s nuclear weapons

For governments seeking to strengthen their own agendas it can help to have a minimally informed or, at least, somewhat apathetic electorate. And so important political decisions are often veiled in a cloak of terminology that alienates voters – especially young voters. To me this tactic is glaringly apparent in the British government’s approach to […]

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