Film Guide

Our Ambassadors have been watching films about nukes, to bring you some suggestions to show at your #NukeFilmFest event, here is a run down of what we’ve seen so far. We’ll add more as we go!


The Day After (1983)
Genre: Drama
Brief Description: Follow the lives of different US characters and their families living in Kansas before and after Russia attacks the US with several nuclear bombs and see how their bodies slowly succumb to the effects of radiation.
Best Moment: The film itself and its way of comparing the carefree non-nuclear weapon world to the one that has just been attacked
Ambassador Rating: 4.5
Talking Points: The ICRC, the largest network of humanitarian organisations in the world agree that the would be helpless to provide assistance after the use of a nuclear weapon. This has sparked discussions resulting in the ‘Humanitarian Pledge’ by over 100 nations to enforce a new treaty banning nuclear weapons.

The Sum Of All Fears (2002)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Brief Description: An old Austrian man wants to revive the Third Reich by causing a feud between Russia and the USA and thereby hoping that they will eliminate each other.
Ambassador Rating: 2.5
Talking Points: The world powers have maintained peace over the years but could a conflict like that in Ukraine and Syria cause an escalation that sends us back to the days of the Cold War?


Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (2008)
Genre: Adventure, Action
Brief Description: An older Indiana Jones returns, and is pitted against Soviet agents in his quest to find a magical crystal skull.
Ambassador Rating: 3.5/5
Talking Points: Indy survives a nuclear explosion (by hiding in a fridge), which occurs during a nuclear test. There are many nuclear testing issues which this could be linked to including that of the Marshall Islands which is suing the UK over it’s nuclear arsenal in the International Court.


The Man Who Saved The World (2014)

Genre: Documentary                                                                                                                                                                                   Brief Description: Taking a look at the life and actions of Stanislav Petrov who averted nuclear disaster when failing to report a US attack showing on the Soviet radar he was responsible for monitoring. Although the attack was a false alarm caused by a malfunction he was still reprimanded for a decision which possibly saved the world.
Ambassador Rating: 3.5/5
Talking Points: How close have we come to nuclear disaster and how close could we come again? Could technological malfunctions put us at risk?


Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
Genre: Comedy
Brief Description: American officials try to prevent a nuclear apocalypse after a rogue general orders a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union
Ambassador Rating: 4.5/5
Talking Points: A film which has had a huge influence on popular culture – how can popular culture be used to forward the case against nuclear weapons? Are we really safe today from the actions of such a rogue actor within a nuclear state?


Godzilla (1954)
Genre: Sci Fi
Brief Description: The Japanese army must stop the rampage of an ancient sea-creature which has survived even an H-bomb test.
Ambassador Rating: 3/5
Talking Points: The graphics aren’t so good but it is over 50 years old! Talking points can include nuclear tests which has devastated the lives of many people who have been affected by them as well as the environment surrounding former test sites.

Terminator 2 (1991)
Genre: Action/Thriller
Brief Description: The war with the machines of the future was born out of the dystopia that followed the nuclear detonation of “Judgement Day”, in this classic action filled thriller. Named so to draw a parallel with the metaphor of “The End Of Days” due to the loss of human life and terror wreaked. the eponymous day of this film is the focal point of the plot.
Ambassador Rating: 4/5
Talking Points: What about the role of techonology and machines today, especially in the nuclear weapons industry, are they fail-safe? Are we at risk from an accident caused by this techonology? What impact could this have?

James Bond: The World is Not Enough (1999)
Genre: Action
Brief Description: In this installment of the James Bond franchise, the villain (Renard), threatens to use a nuclear weapon in Istanbul. Many of the James Bond films feature nuclear weapons as the ultimate threat from the given Bad Guy.
Ambassador Rating: 3/5
Talking Points: Is nuclear weapons falling into the ‘wrong hands’ a real risk? Are they already in the ‘wrong hands’?



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