WMD Awareness have just launched a crowd funding page to raise £3000 for a nuclear weapon themed film festival, click here to for more information.

Over the last 2 years, we have been working with a passionate team of young volunteers, our WMD Awareness Ambassadors and now they are taking on their biggest challenge yet, to put on Britain’s first ever #NukeFilmFest.

They are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting debate about nuclear weapons in Britain and have organised and taken part in events like film nights, street actions and spoken word evenings.

They have also taken part in workshops and trainings to improve their skills which they have put into practice, making films, animations and interviewing decision makers or celebrities to help make a noise about nukes in Britain.

Some of our Ambassadors on our Day of Action in March 2015.

Some of our Ambassadors on our Day of Action in March 2015.

Now our group of Ambassadors would like to build on their skills and experiences and put on the UK’s first #NukeFilmFest, a film festival featuring films inspired by nuclear weapons, to give them a platform to promote debate about Trident.

Why now?

Next year the Conservative government will make their decision on the renewal of Trident, something which they have been long been in favour of. In a time of austerity, with the same government forcing cuts across the board, this could cost the taxpayer up to £100 billion over the next 30 years.

But with this years electoral success of the anti-nuclear Scottish National Party and the recent breakthrough of Jeremy Corbyn, who is also a supporter of nuclear disarmament, the political landscape has changed and our Ambassadors feel this is the time to get the word out!

“An eye-opening experience”

Kelechi Okoye-Ahaneku, one of our Ambassadors behind the film festival idea, recently hosted our successful spoken word event and believes a film festival would be a great place to provoke a debate about nukes.

“Since getting involved with WMD Awareness, I have been part of our drive to raise awareness about nuclear weapons, to empower many people to think and act critically on the topic and to open the platform for debate and dialogue.”

“This response has been wonderful to witness and with your help we can host future events like the #NukeFilmFest where we aim to get the public involved in the debate.”

Kelechi (left) on a WMD Awareness film workshop.

Kelechi (left) on a WMD Awareness film workshop.

Another volunteer, Jethro, got involved with WMD Awareness because he was shocked at how little the average person knows about nuclear weapons in our country.

“The amount we spend on developing technology that, if used, would surely annihilate us all, is horrific, especially when you consider the harsh austerity measures are government are putting in place.“

“I hope this film festival will provide an immersive and eye-opening experience that will truly get people thinking about what they can do to support a move towards disarmament.”

Can you help?

Can you help this vision become a reality and give our young Ambassadors the chance to put on the UK’s first #NukeFilmFest? We’ve only got until the end of October to reach our target of £3000!

Take a look at our Crowdshed fundraising page, where you can donate to our campaign in return for some fantastic rewards! You can also help by sharing the link on social media and telling people who you think might be interested in supporting us!

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