We commissioned six lesson plans on Global Citizenship – Talking Peace, suitable for key stage 2. These focus on using traditional global symbols, myths and legends to help pupils understand complex issues of conflict and peace.

We also commissioned six lesson plans on WMD to fit with the Citizenship curriculum and other subjects in the National Curriculum for England and Wales. They are aimed at key stages 3 and 4. Each lesson plan has a series of tasks with associated learning outcomes and supporting material for teachers.

We welcome teachers’ comments and suggestions of how we could develop these further. If you have any comments contact Hannah Cornford, Communications Manager.

Global Citizenship for KS2

These lessons help you to develop new and creative ways of discussing these issues in the classroom, in particular:

  • a chance to explore and work on global citizenship issues
  • an opportunity to be involved in the design of cutting edge teaching methodologies which help children to think creatively
  • a chance to work with others on curriculum and professional development, leading to published materials.

Lesson plans

1. Wishes (PDF)

2. Comic strip (PDF)

3. The big questions (PDF)

4. Why does the media matter? (PDF)

5. IT (PDF)

6. Global partnerships (PDF)

Extra materials

WMD for KS3 and 4

These lessons cover a range of aspects of the curriculum including:

  • knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens
  • skills of enquiry and communication
  • skills of participation and responsible action.

Lesson plans:

1. Conflict

2. Democratic participation

3. The significance of media in society

4. Debating nuclear weapons awareness

5. Global issues – Citizenship (PDF)

6. Information: reliability, validity and bias (ICT)

Fun, films and games

There are a number of additional online resources you could use to support and enhance these lesson plans, or just for fun.

  • Have a go on our very own Trident Invasion game and see how long you can keep the nukes out for!
  • Check out Greenpeace’s online games on nuclear weapons for young learners to develop a broader and deeper knowledge of these serious issues while having some fun.
  • We commissioned a short film, Anthropology 101, which can be included in lesson plans for KS3 and above. It explores three main themes – climate change, the gap between rich and poor, and nuclear weapons – and won an award at the Hollywood Artivist Festival. It is available to buy from WMD Awareness for £5, just contact us.
  • In 2008 we held a national arts contest for schools and young people to celebrate what would have been Founder of WMD Awareness Professor Joseph Rotblat’s 100th birthday. Check out Peace of Art for more on how creative arts can be used to raise awareness of these issues.
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