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McNeilly report: does Trident defend us or put us at more risk?

By now you should have read about whistleblower William McNeilly who has revealed extensive security concerns on the Trident nuclear submarines where he worked, ranging from “food hygiene and a flooded toilet” to describing the “complete lack of security, floods, and a blazing inferno in the Missile Compartment” in a damning report titled The Nuclear […]

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Where do YOUR leaders stand on Trident?

With the General Election fast approaching I have been calling on PPCs everywhere to listen to young people’s views on Britain’s nuclear weapons. It has been reported that many hold differing views to their main party-line, so I thought I’d have a chat with the candidates standing in my area – Erith and Thamesmead – to see what […]

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Young people and politics: how I found my voice

With the UK General Election a few days away the nation has descended into a political fervor pitch with debates – or are they squabbles? – being televised by including all of the major parties. Analysts and experts have had their say on the matter, with many interpreting a said policy from a said particular […]

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Renewing Trident doesn’t have to mean business as usual for Britain’s nuclear strategy

The question of whether or not the UK should replace its four nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines is an important one. With these submarines, each armed with 40 thermonuclear warheads, Britain practices constant at-sea deterrence (CASD). At any given moment a British submarine is on patrol, poised to respond to a potential nuclear attack. The main […]

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Holiday at HMNB Clyde?

By Holly Lubran, WMD Awareness Ambassador & Intern ‘As with all MoD sites, safety at HMNB Clyde is of paramount importance,’ maintained the Ministry of Defence when questioned about the 316 nuclear safety events and 71 fires that occurred at Faslane between 2008 and 2013. Despite the fact that there have been numerous radioactive substances leaking […]

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What young people don’t, but should, know about Britain’s nuclear weapons

For governments seeking to strengthen their own agendas it can help to have a minimally informed or, at least, somewhat apathetic electorate. And so important political decisions are often veiled in a cloak of terminology that alienates voters – especially young voters. To me this tactic is glaringly apparent in the British government’s approach to […]

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Nuclear free South Africa: 20 years on

In 1994 South Africa became the first and only ever country to voluntarily dismantle its nuclear weapons, proving that it is possible for a country to go nuclear weapon free without putting itself in danger of nuclear threat. Since then Africa has become the world’s largest Nuclear Weapon Free Zone banning the use, development or […]

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#TalkingTrident with General Sir Hugh Beach

  A few weeks ago we visited the home of former army General Sir Hugh Beach in London to get his views on nuclear weapons. He reflected on his work over the years and explained that although he has considered a “nuclear balance” between major powers as an important way to prevent war, he has […]

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