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Young people and politics: how I found my voice

With the UK General Election a few days away the nation has descended into a political fervor pitch with debates – or are they squabbles? – being televised by including all of the major parties. Analysts and experts have had their say on the matter, with many interpreting a said policy from a said particular […]

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Talking Trident with… Labour Students

Our Ambassador Andrew Gibson has organised a series of events to talk about Trident at Universities in the north of England. Here are his thoughts so far… As part of WMD Awareness’ fantastic Talking Trident tour, I recently helped organise three campus events in partnership with Labour Students clubs. For each event, a guest speaker […]

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Sir Nick Harvey joins us in Warwick

Yesterday, WMD Awareness and BASIC were joined by around 40 Warwick University students for the latest instalment of our Talking Trident tour. It was a fantastic turnout and those who attended were treated to an excellent talk given by Sir Nick Harvey, Liberal Democrat MP for North Devon and former Minister of the Armed Forces. […]

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Seven reasons to come to Vienna

On the 6th and 7th of December, Vienna will host the ICAN Civil Society Forum, a weekend for campaigners and activists to learn and to teach, to energize and be energized, to make their views about nuclear weapons heard. It’s going to be a fantastic event, here are seven reasons why our Ambassador Nick Watts […]

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Nuclear free South Africa: 20 years on

In 1994 South Africa became the first and only ever country to voluntarily dismantle its nuclear weapons, proving that it is possible for a country to go nuclear weapon free without putting itself in danger of nuclear threat. Since then Africa has become the world’s largest Nuclear Weapon Free Zone banning the use, development or […]

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#TalkingTrident with General Sir Hugh Beach

  A few weeks ago we visited the home of former army General Sir Hugh Beach in London to get his views on nuclear weapons. He reflected on his work over the years and explained that although he has considered a “nuclear balance” between major powers as an important way to prevent war, he has […]

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